The Story

With a little bit of patience all the projects take shape
and with them you do the same. 
Stay tuned!

The Concept

Once I thought that to get a paper done, I just needed to sit and write.
Now, I believe that if I can DRAW IT and I can SHAPE IT, it means
I narrowed it down to the very point in my head.
And writing is just the next step…
Here is my motto: Make Your Ideas Visible!

The Logo

To express your idea, the first step to take is creating an image,
an icon: a Logo
I chose a Brush and a Pipette: these are the tools of my work!

My Goal

My goal is to help scientists express their science through images,
help their peers or the general public to understand
their research through visually attractive schemes.
On the other hand, this activity can be useful to each scientist, as sketching their ideas can help them
highlighting strengths and define the unclear.
Finally, I want to do something for myself:
being a scientist means accepting that the most is unknown.
Through the interaction with many talented scientists
I hope to satisfy my big curiosity!