Coronavirus goes on a journey


Coronavirus goes on
a journey

This illustration presents the Coronavirus to the general public, trying to convey the mechanisms of function of this unconventional entity. Viruses are not living organisms but when they find a suitable host they can exploit its machineries to replicate, survive and propagate. To name some examples in this illustration: on the left side there is a ticket with the Spike protein drawn on it. This protein indeed allows the Coronavirus to trick the cell and enter it with permission exploiting some of its own characteristic. Also, there are a lot of scissors in the drawing: viruses have enzymes that do this professionally and cut out the DNA of the host cells and modify it at their will. Last, there is a pair of glasses and moustache use to sabotage the cell. Ask Dorotea to explain you more of the illustration if you are interested!

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Dorotea Fracchiolla