S. pombe mutant


S. pombe mutant

Here I depicted the cell wall of the fission yeast, S. pombe, in a mutant strain on which the protein N-glycosylation process is affected. N-glycosylation is an essential step in the synthesis of most proteins. When this process is impaired, aberrant proteins accumulate in cells. There are different degradative mechanisms, such as autophagy, that control the amount of these defective proteins. The failure of these processes can lead to several diseases in humans. The scene was painted as if observed through transmission electron microscopy. Different hues of gray are used to represent the distorted cell wall, which has a feathered appearance and lacks the characteristic three-layered structure typical of wild-type cells. In the cytoplasm, I placed a schematic representation of the G3M9 glycan, the sugar transferred to proteins in N-glycosylation. On it, glycan residues are shown in blue and green, whilst the glycosylated protein is observed in orange.

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Ayelen, Valko




Oil on canvas