Autophagy 4


Autophagy 4

This is an artistic interpretation of autophagy. The vesicles represented here are inspired by autophagosomes (double line delimiting the structure) and autolysosomes (single line) of Drosophila fat body cells. As in “Autophagy 2”, the vesicles are shown with high magnification as if the tissue was seen through a transmission electron microscope. An important difference with “Autophagy 2” is the vibrant color palette that I employed here, with which I tried to give a more effervescent appearance to the “organic matrix” texture that I usually employ in my sub-cellular paintings. Additionally, I chose to highlight the elements using a collage technique, producing the feeling that the structures are coming out of the painting. This image was selected as cover image for Volume 16, Issue 1 of the Autophagy Journal.

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Ayelen, Valko




Watercolor, acrylic, Indian ink, and collage on paper