Autolysosome: exploration of textures 2


Autolysosome: exploration of textures 2

This painting is inspired by the autophagy that occurs in the fat body cells of Drosophila. The main elements represented here are three autophagic vesicles arranged in an imaginary diagonal line that goes from the lower left to the upper right of the composition. A fusion event between a large autolysosome (degrading autophagic structure) and a smaller autophagosome (non-degrading double-membrane autophagic vesicle) is recognized. The scene is framed by regions of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and mitochondria (M). As seen in “Autolysosome: exploration of textures”, belonging to the same thematic series, in this artwork different materials are used (threads and paper fragments painted using the acrylic pouring technique) to emphasize the heterogeneity of the biological material that is degraded within the autolysosome. A secondary effect of this artistic resource is that all the elements (vesicles, RE and M) seem to shine with their own light and be slightly out of focus, a result achieved by delineating these elements with light-colored threads instead of dark ones, using in the background a grayscale opposed to the one employed in “ Autolysosome: exploration of textures 1”.

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Ayelen, Valko




Acrylic pouring and collage on paper