Autolysosome: exploration of textures 1

Autolysosome: exploration of textures 1

This painting is inspired by the autophagy process in Drosophila fat body cells. The main element represented here is an autolysosome–the degradative autophagic structure–framed by regions of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). To highlight the heterogeneity of the biological material that is degraded within the autolysosome, I placed different kinds of textures inside the vesicle. A secondary effect of this artistic resource is that the autolysosome jumps out at the observer of the painting. In this work, the “organic matrix” texture that I usually employ in my subcellular paintings was created using the acrylic pouring technique, whilst the background was made with threads to create an effect of movement and dynamism.

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Ayelen, Valko




Acrylic pouring and collage on paper