Atompunk Biochemistry


Atompunk Biochemistry

This is an example of how scientists work in the lab. The illustration shows the workflow for the radioactive labeling (top-left), extraction (top-right and bottom-left), separation, and identification (bottom right) of dolichol diphosphate-linked oligosaccharides (LLOs) in the fission yeast, S. pombe. The image highlights fission yeast (center) as a suitable model to study the synthesis of LLOs; a process highly conserved among eukaryotic organisms, and essential for protein N-glycosylation (see also “N-glycosylation”). I made this artwork using a mixed technique involving markers on paper, and digital coloration and processing. This image was published as a cover image by Bio-protocol, Volume 12, Issue 18.

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Ayelen, Valko




Marker on paper.
Digital coloration and processing