A Stop Motion movie: A PI3K-WIPI2 loop activates LC3 lipidation

Copyright, 2020 Art&Science

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This stop motion animation is based on the research article “A PI3K-WIPI2 positive feedback loop allosterically activates LC3 lipidation in autophagy” published in the Journal of Cell Biology by PostDocs Dorotea Fracchiolla and Chunmei Chang in April 2020, from the laboratories of Prof. Sascha Martens (University of Vienna, Austria) and Prof. James H. Hurley (University of Berkeley, California), respectively. The two laboratories have joined forces within a highly collaborative research project financed by the Human Frontiers Science Program in 2017. The authors uncover the molecular mechanisms regulating the steps of autophagosome expansion during human selective autophagy. They employ a fully in vitro reconstituted system with purified recombinant proteins and synthetic lipid membranes. For more details read DOI:10.1083/jcb.201912098.